At Koena

We are a Software as a Service company (SaaS) that develops systems for the Financial and Digital Markets as well as Artificial Intelligence industry.



Koena AI

  • • We specialize in creating highly effective Artificial Intelligence ChatBots designed to address real-world challenges.
  • • Keep your business constantly innovating and ahead of the technical curve by using Koena AI Chatbots
  • • The Use Cases for our AI Chatbots include and span beyond Law/Legal, Real Estate, Finance, Education, Customer Support, Internal Training, Faster Research and Development…
  • • Elevate customer service through instant responses, ensuring prompt assistance for customers as well as keep your customer support running 24/7.
  • • Integrate our Chatbots to your Website, WhatsApp and many more platforms.
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Koena Journal

  • • Journal your Trades
  • • Visualize your Trades Using Advanced Charts
  • • Enjoy Data Driven Account Analysis
  • • Have Access to Track Multiple Trading Accounts
  • • Easily Manage your Risk and Understand your Risk-Reward
  • • Access Trading Sessions Analysis and a lot more
  • • Improved System Coming Soon

Trader Tracking System

  • • Make Use of a Fully Customizable Web Platform (White Label Service)
  • • Track the Trading Patterns and Behaviour of your Traders
  • • Enjoy the Opportunity to Monitor as Many Trading Accounts as you want
  • • Implement Risk Management and Trading Rule restrictions and a lot more
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Why Choose Us


Our team of highly skilled software developers, who have diverse experience working on software projects in the Artificial Intelligence Space, Financial and Digital Markets among others, are dedicated to providing our clients with innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs


At Koena Tech we strive to constantly progress and expand our reach, in order to offer improved services to an increasing number of individuals each day

Customer Service

At Koena Tech, we prioritize our customers by striving to create a seamless experience. Our qualified customer experience team is dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring that all your needs are met


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